Aviator Caps

It is a leather pilot hat. Also known as a bomber hat. In our opinion, it`s one of the coolest caps. The aviator cap is great for winter and autumn- because of leather it provides protection from cold and is very comfortable to wear. Aviator caps were used by pilots during the 1st and 2nd World Wars. This type of cap was also very popular among users of convertible cars in the 20s and 30s. The Aviator leather cap is a very unique and vintage cap.

Newsboy Caps

Newsboy caps were very popular in the 20th century in America and Europe. It is also known as Baker Boy or Jay Gatsby (from the movie "The Great Gatsby"). Newsboy is a unique position among custom hats. It`s a vintage cap all the way. Newsboy cap became popular among country sportsmen, drivers, and men of all classes. In our hats store, You will find several types of this cap.

Flat cap

Also known as Gatsby. It`s similar to a newsboy cap. The flat cap comes from Northern England. It was first known in the 14th century. In Scotland flat cap is also called a "bunnet". Flat caps are usually made of cotton, wool, and sometimes leather. In our shop, You can find many types and colors of this cap. This cap is also used as a golf cap very often.

Sailor caps

It`s a cap used by sailors of all seas. Also known as a mariner. The first sailor caps appeared in the 19th century. The sailor cap is designed to provide protection from cold and to serve even in the hardest weather conditions. It is also called Captain`s hat because it is often worn by captains of ships. In our hat store, You can find many types of this hat, including polish versions called "Maciejówka" and "Kaszubka".