Docker / Beanie

Docker is a hat that is still on a roll, even though it will soon be nearly a hundred years since its popularisation. In the 1930s, docker hats did not have to be trendy, stylish or airy - their most important task was to protect the heads of dock and harbour workers from the cold. However, they turned out to be timelessly fashionable, and their image was captured by the "performance" of a docker on the head of the title character of the film "Léon: The Professional" - a cult film from the 90s.

Men's dockers - irreplaceable dockers!

Docker hats available at are their most refined version, ideally fitting into the canons of today's casual fashion and high quality standards. However, they can still be successfully used mainly because of their practical properties. The models available here may fit into different tastes and requirements, and the characteristic look of the docker may liven up any outfit in a chic and unconventional manner. When you decide to include this type of headwear in your stylings, it's worth starting with something more subdued, like the Docker model, a tweed (made of the Scottish Harris Tweed), blue-grey docker with a traditional design and classic colour scheme. If you appreciate the style or functionality of these caps, you may expand your collection with such a practical model as the proposed cotton docker in timeless black.

Dockers for the 21st century - as solid as ever!

Dockers do not belong to the boring caps that everyone reaches for. This is the headwear that can give shape to your entire outfit and attract the looks. It is also perfect for outdoor activities or work. We made sure that the demanding customer would be equally satisfied with the high quality and the design of the docker purchased at our store. We encourage you to try it on your own head!

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