Docker caps

The docker cap has the proud, almost a century-old tradition. It was worn eagerly by dock and harbour workers - hence its common name. It is also often called a beanie because of its cut. Its distinctive feature is the absence of a peak, which was rare for men's headwear at the time it was created. The fashion of the time was dominated by hats and helmets of all kinds. However, for the dockworkers, the primary concern was protection from the cold and comfort, and it doesn't have a peak which makes it more comfortable to wear. Men's dockers have stood the test of time very well and can still be found on our streets today. Nowadays, they are mostly worn in winter and autumn and fit perfectly into urban casual fashion. Gentlemen of all ages are quite fond of wearing them.

A unique cut for fashionable men

In our store, you can get docker caps based on classic models from the 1930s, and the beanie cap which is a more modern and refined version. Men of all ages love to wear them every day. The caps available in our offer suit various tastes and meet the expectations of even the most demanding clientele. The docker cap for men is a style that can bring some life to any outfit in an original way. Depending on your preference, you can choose caps in a range of colours made from different materials, including genuine leather. The most classic pieces are sewn from warm and pleasant to the touch woollen cloth. Thanks to its cut, the beanie will softly wrap your head, keeping you at the optimum temperature even in winter.

Find your favourite model of docker cap

If you're just beginning your fashion adventure with men's docker caps, consider the classic docker cap model, a blue-grey docker cap with a traditional colour scheme. It is sewn from a one-of-a-kind Scottish Harris Tweed. You'll quickly realise that this simple cut will work in any situation. You might think otherwise, but it's not a boring cut at all. It's exactly the opposite of that - a docker cap can add a unique touch to any outfit. If you like offbeat models, you can't go wrong with a Navy Watch piece made of leather. High-quality natural leather is combined with a cotton lining and a cotton welt finish as an extra decoration. There are four trendy leather colours you can choose from, ranging from classic black to warm maroon.

What goes well with the docker cap?

One variation of the docker cap is the beanie, which has long been considered a must-have for cooler days. The typical feature is a turned-up bottom, which wraps the head well and keeps the cap in place. Thanks to its simple form, the cap fits virtually any style. A beanie will go well with a leather jacket, bomber jacket or even a bulky down jacket. Unlike the classic docker's hat, the beanie can be pulled down to cover the ears for excellent protection against wind and frost. This cut is popular with men of all ages, as it's good for work or other outdoor activities.

Warm docker caps made of real wool

The beanies in our workshop are made from high-quality materials, such as merino wool knitwear. The wide wraparound hem provides an extra layer of warmth. You can opt for a ribbed fabric cap or a fine mesh knit. Regardless of the texture, the material has good air permeability, which guarantees an optimal temperature even on a very cold day. By choosing a docker cap, you can match it with clothes in the colours that you have in your wardrobe. However, if you like to turn some heads, you can choose a colour that contrasts with the rest, such as a claret.

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