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Leather gloves are an essential element of autumn and winter wardrobe. Hands are very sensitive, so it is important to choose gloves that not only look good, but also provide optimum thermal comfort. If you are looking for elegance and comfort, then be sure to choose leather gloves for men and women from our studio. We guarantee the highest quality and excellent purchase conditions. Take a look at our store's offer.

Leather gloves for men and women 

Leather gloves have invariably been extremely popular for many years. High quality materials, well-thought-out design and traditional craftsmanship are the reasons why the gloves are appreciated by both men and women. In our collection, you will find gloves that are ideal for frosty days, made with a soft woollen knit lining that guarantees optimal thermal comfort even in very cold weather. We also use breathable material. In our offer you will find high-quality Nappa lambskin leather, among other things. We also have excellent news for the fans of modern technology. We offer high quality leather gloves with the touch screen function. It is a model that lets you freely operate your smartphone without having to take off your gloves. In the thumb and index finger of the glove there are elements that work with all types of touch screens.

Which styles do leather gloves go with?

Leather gloves are most often associated with elegant style. However, we prove that they also go well with casual outfits. In our offer you will find models with both traditional and slightly modern cuts. Although leather gloves usually come in black, you will also find models in other shades in our store. You can use them to coordinate breathtaking outfits for work, university, business meetings or social occasions. The wealth of cuts will allow you to match the gloves with your favourite woollen coat, leather jacket or jumper.

How do you chose your glove size?

If you want your gloves to fit your hands perfectly, we have some useful tips for you. You can take the measurement with a classic measuring tape. How can you do that? Simply wrap the measuring tape around your straightened palm at the height of the knuckles. The measurement taken is the size of your gloves. If your result is between 20 and 20.5 cm, you should round it down, i.e. choose size 20 gloves. If the result is above 20.5 cm, round it up. Should you have any difficulties in finding the perfect size, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department. We are happy to share our knowledge and nearly 100 years of experience. We are a family-run studio with traditions and a passion for creating.

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