Safari hats

Bucket hats gained their greatest popularity in the 1990s. They were a real fashion statement. They could be spotted not only in street outfits but also on posters, celebrity music videos, and in the fashion world. Bucket hats were on the trend list right alongside short tops, oversized denim jackets, sneakers, and martens. Young people were inspired by icons and celebrities with Britney Spears being the biggest. She was the one who promoted new trends among girls, while Backstreet Boys were the most popular among boys. Today, bucket hats are gaining popularity again and are often chosen for fishing, journeys, trips, and so on. Bucket hats from our collection go perfectly with everyday outfits.

Tourist hats for small and large journeys

We are well aware of the importance of rest. We are well aware of the importance of rest. Not only the daily one in the living room with a favorite book, TV series, or the latest film, but also during long weekends and holidays. During small and big expeditions in summer, as well as during autumn and winter time a tourist hat will be indispensable. On we offer trekking, military, fishing, and travel hats. Feel free to check our offer of useful headwear.

Tourist hats for men and women

In our shop, you will find a wide assortment of tourist hats with a wide range of use. In our shop, you will find a wide assortment of tourist hats for various applications. You can take the presented models with you on a trip outside the city to protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV rays, you can use them in the mountains, at the lake, or during a sightseeing tour. Summer tourist hats are usually made of breathable cotton. As a result, they provide optimal thermal comfort, and are light and airy. The models offered in our shop are equipped with ventilation eyelets, which greatly affects the comfort of wearing the hat. In addition, tourist hats from our offer are equipped with a cotton sweatband, so that the hats are comfortable and convenient.

Hats for military and hunting enthusiasts

Military hats are headwear that corresponds perfectly with the moro style. This solution not only looks phenomenal and fashionable but also perfectly protects against heat and rain. The military hat is not only a choice for the uniformed services, but also for every lover of forest trips or hunting. The hats presented in our shop are an assortment intended for both professionals and beginners in the military adventure. As in the case of tourist hats, the colors of headwear preferably focus on subdued colors - green, black, beige, or grey. We have taken care of the full-size range, so you can find the perfect hat for both an adult man and a teenager.

A hat - is it a good idea for a gift?

A hat is the perfect gift idea in many ways. Above all, it is a non-obvious and surprising choice. When others are giving classic gifts, you can give something original. A hat is a perfect gift not only for the enthusiast of all kinds of headwear. Fishing hats will come in handy for lovers of long hours of fishing, trekking hats will give a lot of pleasure to those who enjoy long hikes in the mountains and valleys, and military hats will be appreciated not only by military enthusiasts but also by fans of good fun, e.g. paintball fans. Deciding on high-quality headwear, you ensure that the gifted person will be able to use the hat for many years on various occasions. Practical, tasteful, personal, and out of the ordinary - what could be a better gift?

Bet on Sterkowski brand

For most people shopping online, it is important that the purchase turns out to be exactly what they were looking for. Opting for our brand, you can be 100% sure that your tourist, military, or fishing hat will be exactly what you dreamt about. We treat our products with utmost care at every stage of their production. We carefully select materials to ensure optimum comfort in summer and winter, respect traditional craftsmanship and create our headwear with great passion. The manufactory has been operating for nearly 100 years. Its founder was Anna Sterkowska, who is 1926, after the tragic death of her husband, was looking for a way to support her four children and her mother. Thanks to her determination and passion, today the brand is recognized not only in the country but also abroad. Among the biggest fans of both the contemporary and the 1940s and 1950s-inspired hats and caps are people from Germany, England, and the United States. Every year we gain more and more satisfied customers. We are convinced that you will soon join them.

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