Peaky caps

Our brand stands for elegant headwear in a unique style. For almost a century, we have been offering our customers in Poland and abroad hats and caps of the highest standards. If you know how important it is to have the right cap for your outfit, then our products are sure to interest you. We have a large selection of different types of flat caps that will not only provide optimum head protection but will also allow you to show your individual style. For dynamic men who like to play with fashion, we suggest Peaky caps. These are exceptionally face-lifting caps that will add spice to any outfit. A little bit of a cheeky flat cap is great for everyday wear. Depending on the model you choose, you can wear it in the summer or in the transitional period.

What are the origins of Peaky caps?

Peaky are caps dating back to the turn of the 20th century. Rumour has it that the name came from the fact that gang members hid razor blades in the space between the peak and the crown of their caps, with which they blinded people they attacked. However, it is more likely that because of the cut of Peaky caps, they could be slipped over the eyes and the owner became "invisible" to passers-by. Whatever the origin of the name, it must be said that these are very stylish caps in which men look very elegant. We are famous for our keen eye for classic patterns and our use of traditional design and sewing methods. Our hats and caps are made from the highest quality materials, so we can guarantee that your Peaky cap will last you a long time.

How to wear a Peaky caps?

If you love this style, you can easily recreate it by wearing our Peakycap and matching it with other pieces of 1920s-style clothing. The most classic yet extremely stylish version is the combination of a check flat cap and a woollen double-breasted jacket, complemented by chinos in your favourite colour. The whole look will look great if you decide to wear leather aviator shoes. For a special occasion, you can also opt for a tied bow tie. Peaky caps add a unique touch to more than just suits. They also look well with a leather or bomber jacket. Take a look at our products and choose original headwear that reflects your character. You will create a unique image of a man who knows how to play with fashion.

Pick your favourite Peaky caps

Modern fashion is often of questionable quality. Mass production means the use of low-quality materials and a lack of care in the finishing of products. As a result, we see the same caps on the streets, poorly sewn and virtually without style. But if you want your headwear to not only protect you from the cold or the sun but to add a touch of chic and last a really long time, then go for a proven brand. For generations, we have been sewing hats and caps inspired by current fashion and timeless designs from the 20th century. That's why our caps are faithful replicas of those that were worn, for example, in the 1920s. These are Peaky caps. We offer two models from this collection, namely the classic Peaky and Shelby. The latter model is characterised by a slightly narrower crown than in the Peaky model. We sew the caps from the highest quality materials, i.e. wool tweed, wool, waxed or rustled cotton. All the models are sewn down to the peak with a peak sewn to the crown and a cotton button decorating the top of the cap.

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