Newsboy caps

The cyclist cap, also known as the cycling cap, is a retro-style flat cap that will complement your wardrobe perfectly. Nowadays, men tend to wear hats in the winter and transitional seasons, and in the summer usually go for a baseball cap. We should remember that not so long ago, headwear was almost a compulsory item of men's clothing to wear all year round. If you don't feel like wearing something more formal like a hat, and you're bored with baseball caps, you need to check out our offer. Stylish cyclist caps are just one of the many hats you can find on our shelves. It's an exceptionally stylish headwear with a somewhat feisty character. Wear it to add a unique touch to any of your outfits.

Where did the cyclist cap come from?

The hats and caps we offer to our customers are of top quality and are made by experienced hatmakers and tailors. Our cuts are based on original patterns dating back to the first half of the 20th century. The caps - that delight customers in Poland and around the world - are the result of combining traditional methods with high-quality materials. Our offer includes the cycling caps, in other countries known as Gavroche caps or newsboy caps. Their prototypes were typically worn by cyclists - hence their name - but also by workers, farmers or shipyard workers. In Poland, the term "oprychówka" (eng. "thug cap") was coined, because it was worn by representatives of the criminal world. It doesn't really matter, as the cycling cap has been extremely popular over the years. Nowadays, it is back in common use and is seen as a slightly nostalgic, but extremely charming addition to the outfit. It is mainly bought by men, but sometimes it can also be found on women's heads - this is especially true for models in bright colours.

Choose your favourite cyclist cap from our offer

The cyclist cap is one of the many variations of the classic flat cap. The main difference is that the crown is considerably larger. This is why it can be worn in a fanciful way. The collar is sewn from eight quarters and is topped with a button. The presented cut can be made of different types of materials. For summer, we recommend models made from high-quality linen, which will provide protection from the sun while letting the skin breathe freely. For the transitional seasons, Gavroche hats made from warm wool tweed with a cotton lining are a perfect choice. On colder days, a cap made from natural leather is also a great choice. It's not just the material that you can choose, but also the colour variant of the cap, and you're sure to find the shade that best matches the rest of your wardrobe. Whichever material and colour you decide on, you can rest assured that your hat will be tailored with the utmost attention to detail. Our caps are the perfect combination of top quality and reasonable price.

How to wear cyclist caps?

Even though the name can point to the contrary, cyclist caps are not meant to replace a cycling helmet. Nevertheless, they will be the perfect finishing touch to a sporty outfit. Given their origins, they are perfect for everyday, informal styling. Pair it with a tweed blazer, wool trousers or a chunky jumper. This is how you get a perfect setting for an autumn walk. In summer, the cyclist cap will go well with a colourful T-shirt or polo shirt and linen trousers. It's a cut that will make you stand out from the crowd of regular baseball caps, thus emphasising your unique style. Thanks to the shape of the Gavroche hat crown, you can style it in many different ways, giving you the ability to create a truly unique style. Classic headwear never goes out of style, and you better believe that with this cap on your head you'll look chic, and you'll be turning some heads.

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