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The marine style also works perfectly on land. Marine caps are worn by men and women, especially in summer. The flat cap with a round bottom has long been recognised by fashion lovers and given additional names. You may therefore encounter it under such names as hamburg, trawler, skipper or kashubia. All models are similar to some extent, which is why we refer to them as marine caps. Our range includes men's and women's sailor caps. So if you like marine style, take a look at our offer. For years we have been offering unique headwear that meets the expectations of the most demanding clients. Not only Polish but also English, German and American clients trust us. Find out how we have won the favour of our customers.

Types of sailor caps

Since marine hats began to be worn on a daily basis outside of ships as well, their evolution began. The basic shape of the men's sailor cap remained the same, i.e. a round crown with a flat bottom, but there were many additional elements that differentiated the various models from each other. In our offer you'll find, for example, stylish kashubias distinguished by their larger stiffened head with a high top. Its additional asset is a decorative, embroidered belt sewn on the peak. Similar decorations can be found on the models such as the Hamburg and Chandler, which are slightly smaller than a classic skipper. Our offer also includes stylish trawlers, i.e. models of sailor caps with a cut similar to that of a maciejowka cap. You can buy it in leather or cotton.

Styling with marine hats

You don't have to be a sailor to enjoy the full benefits of a sailor cap. Contemporary fashion combines different styles to create unique creations for different occasions. If you're wondering how to wear a women's sailor cap, follow our tips. You will find this model in many colours in our offer. As well as universal black or white, we also have mariner caps in beige, blue, green and even pink. If you are looking for a unique effect, opt for a genuine leather cap. Feel free to combine it with chunky jumpers and oversized coats and jeans to create a slightly fierce rock look. However, the sailor cap also fits a romantic outfit – just pair it with a sheer dress and high heels, and on a colder day, finish the look with a long coat.

When it comes to men's sailor caps, they will look great with a woollen checked blazer or chunky jumper. The summer version perfectly fits short trousers and a T-shirt or a stylish summer jacket. Marine-style caps look great, especially in informal situations.

Go for top quality

When choosing a sailor cap, it is worth paying attention to the material from which it was sewn. Today, most products are made of polyester fabrics that do not ensure adequate air circulation. So trust us – we've been sewing caps for almost a century and we only use tried and tested materials of the highest quality. Our mariner summer caps are made from light and airy cotton, providing protection from the sun and allowing the skin to breathe freely. Models for transitional seasons and winter, on the other hand, include warm and breathable woollen cloth or natural leather. Thanks to the use of natural materials, the caps we produce will keep your head at the right temperature in any weather. We are proud of our products, so we are sure that the sailor caps we offer will also meet your expectations.

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