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Folk Pure Linen Trilby short brim summer sun hat with removable band Folk Pure Linen Trilby short brim summer sun hat with removable band 2
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Folk - LINEN

Elwood classic Trilby hat sewed with woolen cloth - narrow brim fedora Elwood classic Trilby hat sewed with woolen cloth - narrow brim fedora 2

Elwood - WOOL

The Trilby is similar to a fedora but has a slightly smaller brim. It has a distinctive shape, falling downwards at the front and curling upwards at the back. The Trilby hats we offer are perfect for everyday wear. Thanks to carefully selected raw materials, they are not only visually appealing but also resistant to weather conditions. The Trilby hats available in our offer are distinguished by a pressed crown with symmetrical indentations on the front. Our offer includes Trilby hats sewn in sizes from 54 to 60 cm. The wide range of sizes and rich colours means that there is something for everyone.

Why choose our brand?

Whether you are planning to buy a Trilby hat or other headwear, our brand will always be a great choice. Our company has many years of experience. Traditional craftsmanship and a great deal of knowledge and passion translate into refined headwear dedicated to demanding men and women. Products of our brand, which roots date back to 1926, are appreciated not only by customers from Poland but also from the United States, Germany and Great Britain. When you decide to buy the sewn Trilby hat, you can be 100% sure that it is an excellent choice. Although our brand is keen to incorporate modernity into the designs, we still love referencing the 1940s and 1950s. Our oldest hat designs date back to the pre-war era and the 1950s. 

History of the Trilby hat

The history of the Trilby hat is closely linked to the stage adaptation of the novel by George du Maurier entitled Trilby. The distinctive model, slightly similar to the Tyrolean hat, gained enormous popularity thanks to its presence in the London play. That is how the Trilby hat got its name. Models created in the spirit of tradition were based on rabbit fur felt. Today, however, you can find sewn Trilby hats made from other materials as well. Natural linen and wool are the most popular choices to ensure optimal conditions both in summer (linen) and winter (wool). Trilby hats went in and out of style several times but had their greatest revival in 1980.

Which styles does the Trilby hat go with?

Both Trilby felt hats and models made from other materials are very popular, especially when coordinating everyday and special occasion outfits. What is unusual about those who choose to add a hat to their outfit? They are certainly intriguing personalities with high self-esteem and confidence. In addition, Trilby hat models provide a touch of mystery and make it possible to create both a modest style as well as one with a little extravagance. Ladies very often match the sewn Trilby hat with classic jeans, a t-shirt and their favourite cardigan. Gentlemen are all about a jumper in a trendy cut and colour, patterned shirts and a perfectly tailored suit. There are many possibilities. Enjoy experimenting to find the best look.

How to fit a hat?

When you order our Trilby hat, you are guaranteed not only a large variety of models but also a perfect fit whether you order it for yourself or for a loved one. If you are looking for headwear for yourself, all you need to do is get a tailor's tape measure and measure your head. Remember not to stretch the tape, it should be a gentle fit. If you don't have a tailor's tape measure, you can use a simple string or even a piece of paper on which you mark the distance and then measure it. The measuring tape should be put about 15 mm above the ears, above the eyebrows and at the most protruding part of the back of the head. The value obtained is the head circumference, based on which the headwear is ordered. If the measurement is between two sizes, e.g. 57.5 cm, it is best to choose the larger size. If the Trilby hat turns out to be the wrong size, it is possible to exchange it for a larger or smaller variant.

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