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Traditional, elegant hats from Sterkowski workshop. Fedora, trilby, bucket and many more. Hats for ladies and gentlemen in both summer and winter versions.

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Felt, wool, linen or maybe leather? The choice of hats is huge! It's an extremely fashionable accessory that has entered the streets with a thump. Depending on the style and material, you can wear hats at any time of the year. They will definitely change any style! Which hat will you pick?

Hats - elegant addition to your style

Hats not only are great at keeping one´s head warm, but are the highlight of the entire style. With them, we can play with our image with no limits! Some add elegance, others a touch of feistiness and sex appeal. What hat should you pick? Trilby hats with a smaller French-style brim work well on a daily basis. In the autumn-winter period, hats made of woolen cloth or felt - these are light, comfortable, warm, simply perfect for the everyday style. Representatives of the fair sex will certainly choose a woolen hat with a large brim that completes the elegant creation. It is the true essence of femininity! Linen hats perfectly fulfill their function in the summer, protecting the face from sunlight. Apart from practical issues, they can complement any style, adding nonchalant slack and class. Or maybe a cotton bucket sun hat? This airy headgear item is perfect as a hunting or fishing hat. It's a must have during nature trips!

Cowboy hat, gangster hat, or an Indiana Jones style?

Hats can not be boring! The classic fedora mosca hat with a wide brim brings to mind gangster films taking place in the 1920s. Nobody will pass by it indifferently. Or perhaps an Indiana Jones hat? It's the perfect choice for those who are not afraid to emphasize their personality. A leather cowboy hat with a large brim is the absolute classic. Who is it for? First of all, for lovers of adventure and endless nature. Of course, one cannot fail to mention linen hats with a characteristic black band. This summer supplement once testified to a high social standing; now it adds character to every casual style. A fedora hat is associated mainly with movie stars - Marlon Brando, Al Pacino or Robert De Niro. It was them who played the main roles in the classics of world cinema - "Godfather" or "Goodfellas". High-quality materials, ergonomics, comfort of use and high breathability - this should be the perfect hat that will serve you for many years.