Fedora hats

Fedora hats

Fedora is one of the most popular hat models - paragon of good taste and elegance. It once again returns to grace, conquering the world's fashion shows. Fedora hats are the highlight of both casual and elegant styles. Fedora is not only an attribute of men, but also those women who care about their image.

Fedora hats - paragon of good style

It is worth starting your adventure with hats with the unquestioned classics associated with gangster movies - we are referring to the fedora, of course. This is a piece of history of men's headgear, which conquered the world of today's fashion. It is characterized by a concave fold along the head, two symmetrical folds at the front and a wide brim at the front, falling slightly downwards. Fedora hats have straps - usually with decorative elements. They are often associated with the characters from gangster movies, as well as one of the most famous adventurers, Indiana Jones.

What features do real fedora hats have?

First of all, they should be light, comfortable, waterproof and weather resistant. What to match fedora hats with? Fedora hats come in many shapes and colors, which is why they can be an element of various styles - from easy-going, casual to elegant. Fedora hats can be successfully matched with jeans, t-shirts, loose shirts and sneakers. There is only one rule - the upper layer of clothing should have a collar, e.g., a polo shirt, jacket or coat. A fedora in black or brown perfectly complements the elegant style in the form of a suit and shirt. Fedora hats made of linen are perfect for hot weather. This light, breathable material is perfect for sunny summer days.
Fedora hats are a perfect complement to women's style. They match well with elegant clothes, such as coats, jackets or light overcoats. What matters is the material fedora hats are made from. It is worth choosing woolen cloth, rabbit hair or sheep's wool felt. They perfectly protect against cold and wind in the autumn and winter. Women's models are most often belted with a tape with a bow, which further emphasizes the refined character of the style. What colour should you choose? It all depends on the creation. A fedora in black or brown will always be a good choice, but there are no limits! It is also worth choosing shades of burgundy and dirty pink. Spectacular effect guaranteed! Fedora hats are an indicator of one's style and good taste, which is why it must find its way into a woman's wardrobe.

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