Aviator & Trapper caps

Winter is the time when even the toughest men wear hats. However, many gentlemen struggle to choose a hat that will be both comfortable and trendy. In our offer, you can find a very large selection of hats of various types designed to be worn in every season. For winter, we recommend aviator hats and trapper hats. They ensure comfort even in the coldest winter. Our hats are made of genuine Scottish tweed and full-grain leather and sheepskin, i.e. natural materials that provide excellent protection against adverse weather conditions. You can wear them every day to complete your urban outfit, as well as for mountain hiking, kiteboarding, motorcycling, or winter swimming.

Trendy trapper hats

For some time now, people have been seen wearing Lumberjack hats in winter. It's a trapper hat that is also perfect for winter in the city. It is made using high-quality genuine Harris Tweed consisting of 100% wool. It is a patented material made exclusively in the Scottish Outer Hebrides. Dyed, spun and hand-woven wool not only looks beautiful but also ensures ideal thermal comfort. The characteristic trapper hat fur decorating the front of the hat and the ear flaps are made of an artificial material, which is pleasant to the touch. For added comfort, the ear flaps can be clipped under the chin, and the extra little ears can be lifted for decoration purposes or pulled down. In our offer, you can find red and black or green and black Lumberjack trapper hats.

Hats for the harshest winter

Extreme winter adventure enthusiasts know the importance of proper head protection. A lot of heat is lost through the head, so if you're planning a winter escapade, make sure you have a warm hat. For years, we have been making every effort to ensure that our customers are comfortable in all weather conditions. We also offer unique products for the coldest days and snowstorms. If the classic aviator hat isn't enough for you, you will certainly like the Husky and Syberia models. They ensure comprehensive protection protects against frost, wind, and snow. The aviator hat can be completed with a mask that is attached to the body of the hat with press studs and a collar to protect your neck. A strap and a buckle allow you to fix the ear flaps under your chin or fasten them on the top of your head. The hat, made from genuine sheepskin, also has a moveable peak. It's the perfect way to protect your face, ears, and neck from the cold wind and frost. This aviator hat is perfect for hiking, cycling, as well as driving in a convertible, and motorcycling in winter.

What to wear with aviator and trapper hats?

Aviator and trapper hats are the perfect choice for cooler days. Due to their versatile nature, they are popular among women and men of all ages. They look good on both ladies and men's heads. Interestingly, you can wear them with almost everything, and you can be sure that the result will be satisfying every time. The aviator hat, like the trapper's hat, is the warmest type of headwear, which will be especially appreciated by those who like to go for long walks in winter. The lowered ear flaps look well with parka jackets, duffle coats, and pea coats. The aviator hat goes best with clothes of a slightly military style. However, it actually looks well with all kinds of winter jackets. You can wear it with a wool coat. A colorful Lumberjack hat will also be a great addition to a warm-down jacket. A leather aviator hat can also be used as a unique addition to a thick tweed jacket. Add a pair of classic aviator sunglasses and you have a unique outfit for an informal outing.

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