Vintage Biker caps

The hats made in our workshop are known not only for excellent quality but also for their exceptional style. For nearly a century, we have been supplying headwear valued in Poland and abroad. We offer products inspired by lasting fashion trends that will delight enthusiasts of good style. If you're looking for something truly original, then make sure you take a look at our elegant biker caps. The range draws on designs popular in the 30s, 40s and 50s of the last century. They stand out from other headwear with their large crown and leather-lined peak. We are proud to say that our hats have been acclaimed by the world's largest community of headwear enthusiasts - The Fedora Lounge. This is a huge honour and also proof that our hats meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Harley caps

The Harley motorbike is a true legend. Harley also means uninhibited freedom and a specific clothing style. This outfit usually consists of leather trousers and a jacket with the appropriate emblems, and of course a helmet. However, once off their motorbikes, the Harley riders also like to use some other types of headwear. Among them is the biker cap, known as the Harley cap. Our offer includes Harley caps made from waterproof waxed cotton, scratch cotton or leather. The cap owes its distinctive shape to the fact that its head is sewn from eight parts. The peak - made of natural leather - is embellished with a decorative strap attached to the cap with oxidised knuckles. On the sides of the cap, there are ventilation eyelets to ensure optimal air circulation. The top of the presented biker cap model is crowned with a decorative cotton button.

Classic biker caps

Motorcycle hats have always been loved by more than just lovers of heavy unicycles. Due to their original style and unique character, they have always been among the favourites of music and film stars. Our studio offers biker caps named after their most famous owners, meaning Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando. Light and airy, the Elvis jacket makes you think of the crazy 60s. And the unmistakable retro rockabilly chic. The large crown is made from emery-draped cotton, which is perfect for warmer days as it lets the skin breathe freely. The peak made of natural leather is decorated with a leather strap attached to two stylish knuckles. You can get your Elvis cap in beige, ash, green or black with a white peak and strap.

The Brando model is just as interesting - a biker cap sewn from high-quality woollen cloth combined with a leather peak. The head of the cap is sewn from eight parts forming an elegant finished product. The top is decorated with a cotton button. The presented cap is very comfortable and ergonomic, it can be worn both every day and for special occasions.

How to wear motorbike caps?

The biker cap is a stylish accessory that every man who likes to play around with fashion should have in his wardrobe. It is worth noting that this cut is also becoming increasingly popular with ladies. The biker cap undoubtedly owes its popularity to its association with a slightly wacky, youthful style. Our store has biker caps available in many colours, so you can easily match them with your everyday clothes. In the summer version, it will pair up perfectly with linen trousers. On a colder day, you can wear a biker cap with a Ramones leather jacket or with your favourite coat. A style created by the beat generation in the 1950s is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. Comfortable, yet extremely stylish, caps from our studio are a great choice for those who appreciate solid craftsmanship. This is a guarantee that your cap will last a really long time.

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