Maciejowka model 4 cap woolen cloth and natural leather visor
Maciejowka model 4 cap woolen cloth and natural leather visor
Maciejowka model 4 cap woolen cloth and natural leather visor
Maciejowka model 4 cap woolen cloth and natural leather visor
    Maciejowka model 4 cap woolen cloth and natural leather visor
    Maciejowka model 4 cap woolen cloth and natural leather visor
    Maciejowka model 4 cap woolen cloth and natural leather visor
    Maciejowka model 4 cap woolen cloth and natural leather visor

    Maciejowka model 4 - WOOL

    • Cap style: Fiddler / Maciejówka
    • Details: leather visor 5cm len., decorative buttons
    • Lining: viscose
    • Sweatband: leather
    • Fabric: woolen cloth
    • Black
    • Gray
    • Navy blue
    • Green
    • Brown


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    Traditional Maciejowka cap with essentially mid-east European origin. Cap is made oh high quality, warm wool. Its visor and decorative strap are made of genuine leather. The inner lining is made of breathable viscose and the sweatband is made of natural leather. The leather strap is attached to the crown with 2 decorative buttons.

    It came to Poland in XIXth century from today's Germany. At first it was considered as peasants' headwear, then it became very popular when Pilsudski's Legions chose Maciejówka hat as a standard uniform headwear. In mid-war period and after II World War Maciejowka cap was worn by former Legions veterans and patriotic members of society as a tribute to Legions and their Independence deed.

    Although Maciejowka is essentially a Polish cap, strictly bound to Polish history and its dramatic moments, there are also some similiar patterns throughout the world (its name is just different). This model of cap is also known as fiddler cap or greek style fisherman's cap.

    In our offer you can also find replicas of Pilsudski's Polish Legions Caps. This fiddler cap is available in big xxl and xxxl sizes. Precise handmade craftsmanship from Sterkowski family-run manufacture.

    The maciejowka cap is an elegant accessory to a Parisian-style outfit

    The maciejówka cap has a very long and rich history. However, to this day it is still uncertain where its name comes from. Nowadays, in its modern version, it is an elegant and interesting accessory to women's Parisian style. What are the origins of the cap and how to wear it to look fashionable?

    In search of male elegance - about a hatter in a few words

    Caps and hats for men are now fashionable and generally available. Just go to the nearest shopping center and visit one of the popular chain stores. However, more and more men are finding out that the quality and logo on the label do not always go hand in hand. If you belong to this group, you are probably looking

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    Stylish Hat
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    Unique style. Stands out. Qualtiy construction materials and true fit.

    By Alan K. the 11/14/2023
    The Art of Hats
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    I'd been searching online and in stores for a stylish and distinctive hat. I was drawn to the Greek or Basque fisherman style put put off by their (what I considered) excessive embroidery on the visor and band. Finally I found the Sterkowski website saw the rakish lines of the Maciejowka Model 4 and the search was over. The craftsmanship of the model 4 is immediately apparent. Stitching throughout is peerless. The wool a mossy olive green with subtle brown undertones is a very pleasing to the eye. Likewise the dark brown (with the slightest tint of red?) leather is lustrous and supple to the touch. Even the inside of the cap where the soft leather headband is sewn to the high quality rayon lining is beautifully done. It's like wearing a piece of art. Light in weight but sturdy in build the M4 is comfortable from the first wearing. It looks great on and stands out from the sea of baseball caps out there. Actually the hat spends almost as much time being held up and admired as it does being worn. Thanks to Sterkowski for my new favourite hat!

    By John K. the 07/22/2023
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    Had this cap on my wishlist for several years untill I finally decided to purchase it and it was well worth the wait. It wasn't available in my desired colour/size combination but about three weeks after asking a restock notification it appeared. Shipping was fast with sturdy and secure packaging. The quality of both the material and the craftmanship stand out right away and it's so comfortable to wear on windy rainy walks that it already feels as if I've worn it for ages. Which I'm certain I will. I'd recommend Sterkowski to anyone who ever inquires about caps!

    By Ronny M. the 03/28/2023
    Maciejowka model 4 - Wool Navy Blue
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    This is the third cap purchased from you by my wife as a gift

    By Allen M. the 03/28/2023
    Superb Cap
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    I got one a couple of years ago and it was amazing best hat ever. Bought another after I thought I lost the first one(thankfully found it). I noticed my first hat had a much flatter bill. The quality of both are superb but I do slightly prefer the newer one. It is nice to see that the design is evolving with time.

    By Connor G. the 03/28/2023
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