Fiddler / Maciejowka

You don't have to be a fan of The Beatles to wear a round, peaked cap known in Poland as maciejowka. However, the sympathy for their creativity and style may make its wearing even more pleasant – after all, it was John Lennon who made this model of headwear more popular than anyone else. No wonder they've been known since then as lennons or beatles, and they make a splendid addition to the daily wardrobe! We couldn’t fail to include them in our offer, therefore we are pleased to present a category in which the first fiddle is played by maciejowka - a hat with a soul!

Maciejowka - from the village to the women's heads

To fully feel the character of a stylish hat that is the maciejowka round hat, it is worth to familiarize yourself with its history. This proposal, which combines functionality with elegance, in the first years of its existence adorned the heads of men living in rural areas in the 19th century. Shortly afterwards, it gained importance in Poland, first as a prescribed cap in the uniform of the Polish Legions, and then, already after independence has been regained, as a symbol of patriotism and the commemoration of national and liberation ideas. At the same time, the hats enjoyed their well-deserved fame in Western Europe, where they became known as the Breton caps. Today, male maciejowka is only one part of this broad category. It turns out that fashionable ladies opt for this headwear just as willingly as gentlemen. Therefore, the maciejowka hats available in our store are a plethora of patterns, colours, fabrics - so that everyone who wants to enjoy their style can do it in his or her own way.

Different maciejowkas, consistently high quality

In our product range we have gathered a rich collection of maciejowkas, from which you may choose the one which suits you the most. One of the bestsellers is the olive Pireus, a maciejowka made of high quality wool, ideal even for colder days. The model of the grey maciejowka with a black peak is also not inferior in popularity - it has been chosen in recent years by seniors and young people alike. However, these are only examples; we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our full range!

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