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A cap is always a good choice, regardless of the season. Cotton, tweed, linen or merino wool? Everyone will find something to suit themselves! A cap is a must-have and irreplaceable clothingitem, regardless of the season and weather. With it, everyone can feel fashionable and stylish! Which caps are an undisputed hit in current fashion trends?

Elegance lies in simplicity - the perfect cap for the demanding customer

The maciejówka cap is a perfect combination of elegant style and comfort of use. At present, the maciejówka is an elegant version of the mariner's cap from England. Depending on the material it was sewn from, it can be worn at any time of the year. It fits perfectly with classic wool coats or jackets. Similarly, mariner's caps include extremely stylish models that blend in perfectly with men's clothes. However, not only more and more trendy women are reaching for these hats. Caps ceased to be associated with old men a long time ago. The choice is huge! It is worth remembering to choose a cap made of high quality material. In summer, linen caps will work above all, while in autumn and winter - ones made of cotton, tweed, woolen cloth or merino wool.

Casual everyday cap

Every day we must feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. This will certainly be ensured by tweed mariner's caps in the style of the English Peaky Blinders gang. The Scottish tartan undoubtedly suits many casual styles, both a wool coat and a classic jacket. Or maybe a leather cap with a flowing head? The current flat cap refers to the 1920s and 1930s. It can be worn aslant, forwards or falling backwards. Sherlock Holmes fans will also find something for themselves. A warm deerstalker cap is a traditional hunting headgear. It has become popular both in rural areas in Great Britain and around the world. Whereas the baseball cap made of original Harris Tweed is perfect for the transition period and colder days, protecting against both sun and wind. There is probably no one who has never worn a traditional knitted hat, perfect for winter frosts. To fulfill its function perfectly, it is worth reyling on high-quality merino wool. Caps are an essential garment in both men's and women's styles, regardless of circumstances. It is not worth limiting yourself to just one cap! A huge selection of designs and colors makes this clothing item irreplaceable, so that everyone can highlight their character and attitude to fashion.

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