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If we wanted to find a common element, used just as often in men's as in women's styles, it is certainly the cap. We all have at least a few at home, for different occasions, in different materials and colors. The cap is one of those items of clothing that you can never have too many of. There's always room for another piece of stylish headwear in every wardrobe. It's a simple way to add a finishing touch to a look and emphasize your individual character. In our store, you will find a huge selection of casual caps for men and women for every season. We have both light linen flat caps, which will protect your head from the sun very well, and warm aviator or trapper caps, in which you won't have to worry about the winter cold.

Sterkowski - headwear of the highest quality

Check out our offer, and see how many different styles and cuts of caps you can find. We make caps that are worn by men and women, not only in Poland. Our products are also loved by Germans, British, and Americans who have been wearing them for years. This is due to the unique designs, inspired by timeless style, as well as the fact that all products are made from top quality materials with attention to the smallest details. Our headwear is clearly different from the mass-produced headwear available in every shop. So if you want your new cap to be unique AND to last a long time, take a look at our selection and choose your favorite cap.

What's the best choice for demanding customers?

It would seem that sewing a cap is nothing difficult, after all, we all have a few. However, few people realize that for a cap to fit well and look elegant, it needs to be perfectly tailored and then carefully sewn. Our skilled hatmakers and tailors know their job perfectly, so they create headwear that can meet the needs and requirements of the most demanding customers. The success of our brand lies in the fact that we sew our headwear meticulously and with high-quality materials. This is why everyone to enjoy a unique and elegant cap that fits their needs perfectly.

Choose your favorite style of headwear

If you're bored with what you see on the streets and don't want to wear what everyone else is wearing on their head, you should check out our store. We have a wide range of casual caps to suit the latest fashion trends, but we also have a range of extremely elegant caps that really make a statement in terms of your personal style. Enthusiasts of timeless elegance will absolutely fall in love with the unique replicas of caps that combine comfort and original style. For example, we have a collection of the maciejówka caps, modeled on traditional English flat caps. Depending on the material it is made from, it can be worn at any time of the year. It goes perfectly with classic woolen coats or blazers. It's a type of cap that appeals to military enthusiasts as well as gentlemen of all ages. Fans of active leisure will certainly like the stylish aviator caps, cycling caps, or biker caps. They will work perfectly in every situation, additionally emphasizing your rebellious nature.

Stylish headwear for everyday use

Casual caps are a popular choice among men of all ages. They protect from the cold or the sun and give a unique touch to any outfit. In our shop, you'll find tweed flat caps in the style of the English Peaky Blinders gang, perfect for everyday wear. Tartan undoubtedly goes with many casual styles, both with a wool coat and a classic jacket. If you're looking for more daring ideas, you can go for a leather newsboy cap. The flowing crown, characteristic of this model of caps, gives you the option to wear it tilted at an angle, forwards or backward. It looks exceptionally stylish in every version. For colder weather, the deerstalker cap, a warm headwear inspired by traditional hunting caps, will come in handy.

For fans of comfort and everyday elegance, we recommend classic baseball caps sewn from original Harris Tweed, which are perfect for the transitional season and cold days, protecting from the sun and wind. In winter, however, we suggest remarkably warm models knitted from merino wool. Wearing them, you won't have to worry about even the coldest weather. Our brand guarantees the highest quality.

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