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    Hurricane keychain

    • dimensions: hgt. 32mm x wd. 42mm
    • how to attach: metal circle keychain
    • color: old silver
    • Silver

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    Our family-run company has been on the market for almost 100 years, offering stylish head wear as well as other unique gadgets and accessories. There is no shortage of various kinds of emblems, including those designed for fans of militaria. One of these is the “Hurricanefighter pendant. The easy attachment method allows it to be fixed to headgear such as pilot and trapper hats.

    Aircraft engineer Sydney Camm of the Hawker Siddely Company designed the British Hurricane fighter in 1934. The new aircraft was easily manoeuvrable and simple to fly. Thanks to its uncomplicated design, it was also easy to repair. It went into mass production in 1936 as Hawker Hurricane Mk I. The aircraft was made to order for various clients, including in Poland. However, that particular order was cancelled due to the outbreak of the Second World War.

    During the Battle of Britain, the Hurricane formed the backbone of the RAF’s fighter squadrons. Hurricane pilots shot down a total of 1,392 enemy aircraft. British losses amounted to 690 machines, most of which returned to service after overhaul. In the next year, the Hurricane was refined to include further improvements to suit various operational tasks.

    Hurricanes fought throughout the war in Europe, Africa, the Middle and Far East, as well as in the Atlantic. They did not go out of service until 1946. During the war, pilots of nearly all the fighter squadrons of the Polish Air Force in the UK also flew Hurricanes.

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