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Orso knitted winter beanie made of extra fine merino 100% wool


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  • knitted merino wool beanie
  • big stitch
  • folded brim
  • warm and breathable fabric
  • universal size 54-62cm
  • metal emblem
  • Extra Fine Merino (100% wool)
  • 4 stitches at the top
  • Navy blue
  • Black
  • Claret red
  • Gray
  • Khaki-brown
  • Brown
  • Blue

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Orso outdoor beanie with wide ribbed texture brim is a perfect choice for autumn and winter adventures. Soft and skin friendly merino wool protects from cold.


Wool obtained from Australian and New Zealand free-range animals is considered the best fabric in the world. It has an amazing ability to absorb moisture, to be exact it is capable to absorb around 30-35% of its weight. Merino wool wicks moisture incredibly well and keeps the skin dry even during intense activity. As it is very skin friendly it doesn't itch the skin. It has antibacterial properties and doesn't cause allergies. Merino wool offers a high UV protection.

Extra Fine Merino

To understand the uniqueness of this type of wool it is essential to know that the diameter and length are basic characteristics when it comes to the quality and use of this fabric. The diameter is measured in microns. A regular wool has fibers that are around 27 to 50 microns thick, human hair has around 45 to 100 microns, Extra Fine Merino fibers have a diameter of 18.6 to 19.5 microns!

That's why it is even more gentle and skin friendly.

A wool beanie not just for winter!

Wool and the clothes and accessories made of it are an excellent choice for autumn and winter - this natural material retains heat effectively and ensures comfort even during the most severe winters. It is perfect for people who like an active lifestyle - from ordinary walks, through skiing, to expeditions into the unknown.

Wool - interesting facts and information on its types, care and production

Wool is a fibre that has no equivalent among chemical fibres. It is a natural, human-friendly product. It is obtained mainly from sheep, but also from camels, rabbits and goats.

Autumn and Winter
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A Beast of a Beanie
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If this doesn't keep your noggin warm you better check your pulse! Amazingly thick and warm. A true piece of gear for the winter. The big stitch looks rugged and feels sturdy. Handsome piece.

By john t. the 12/20/2021
gut und warm
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Passt ist warm und sieht gut aus. Und wenn es einem zu laut ist zieht man sich den dicken Rand etwas mehr über die Ohren.

By Odin V. the 12/20/2021
Quality beanie with a very classy look!
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Extremely well made beanie. The merino wool has a very soft and comfortable feel. The styling and fit of this cap is wonderful...in fact the (grey colour) doesn't look out of place when wearing with a more formal coat. Suitable for all cold weather occasions indeed! Thanks Sterkowski!

By Les K. the 09/13/2020
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By Mikhail Z. the 01/26/2020
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