Salty Dog knitted winter beanie made of extra fine merino 100% wool.
Salty Dog knitted winter beanie made of extra fine merino 100% wool.
    Salty Dog knitted winter beanie made of extra fine merino 100% wool.
    Salty Dog knitted winter beanie made of extra fine merino 100% wool.

    Salty Dog - MERINO WOOL

    • knitted merino wool beanie
    • small stitch
    • folded brim
    • warm and breathable fabric
    • universal size 54-62cm
    • decorative natural leather label
    • Extra Fine Merino (100% wool)
    • 6 stitches at the top
    • Black
    • Navy blue
    • Claret red
    • Gray
    • Yellow mustard
    • Brown
    • Blue

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    Salty Dog is a winter cap in a classic fisherman beanie style. Extra Fine Merino wool is a very cozy and warm fabric which provides comfort even during wintry weather.


    Wool obtained from Australian and New Zealand free-range animals is considered the best fabric in the world. It has an amazing ability to absorb moisture, to be exact it is capable to absorb around 30-35% of its weight. Merino wool wicks moisture incredibly well and keeps the skin dry even during intense activity. As it is very skin friendly it doesn't itch the skin. It has antibacterial properties and doesn't cause allergies. Merino wool offers a high UV protection.

    Extra Fine Merino

    To understand the uniqueness of this type of wool it is essential to know that the diameter and length are basic characteristics when it comes to the quality and use of this fabric. The diameter is measured in microns. A regular wool has fibers that are around 27 to 50 microns thick, human hair has around 45 to 100 microns, Extra Fine Merino fibers have a diameter of 18.6 to 19.5 microns!

    That's why it is even more gentle and skin friendly.

    Wool - interesting facts and information on its types, care and production

    Wool is a fibre that has no equivalent among chemical fibres. It is a natural, human-friendly product. It is obtained mainly from sheep, but also from camels, rabbits and goats.

    Does the material matter? In search of the perfect hat

    You take off your hat and your hair gets static electricity, it sticks out, and your hairstyle is out of shape? You wear a hat and spend a few minutes in a warm room and you feel sweat on your forehead and neck? It's not because of the hat but the material it was made of. The material is most likely not natural.

    Autumn and Winter
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    Salty Dog
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    A watch cap seems like a simple thing. But it is attention to details that is the difference between wearing something that looks cool or looking like wearing half of a balloon on your head. The Salty Dog shows attention to details. It will make you look like the mariner you are or--as in my case--pretend to be. The merino wool makes it incredibly soft and warm.

    By Joseph G. the 12/02/2022
    Amazing beanie
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    Found Sterkowski when I was looking for a nice ethical beanie made of merino. Its quite a well made beanie fits nicely and feels quite premium. It's my first beanie and I see myself wearing it lots (:

    By Sherwin L. the 12/20/2021
    Soft Warm and Thick
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    Just got this in California today and am guite pleased. It is far beyond ordinary. Worth every penny and I have many beanies. This is worth buying 2 extra it's so lovely. I have many Sterkowski hats. This is another beauty.

    By john t. the 12/20/2021
    Nice beanie
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    Great fit. Wanted a second in another color but they ran out.

    By duane b. the 05/03/2021
    Very Comfortabe and warm beanie!
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    Nice thick merino wool beanie not scratchy and very warm! Shipping was fast into the US thank you!!

    By joshua f. the 01/26/2020
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