Fargo warm and cozy winter aviator trapper cap with earflaps
Fargo warm and cozy winter aviator trapper cap with earflaps
    Fargo warm and cozy winter aviator trapper cap with earflaps
    Fargo warm and cozy winter aviator trapper cap with earflaps

    Fargo - LEATHER

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    • Cap style: Trapper / Chapka
    • Details: earflaps with belt and buckle
    • Lining: natural shearling
    • Fabric: genuine leather (shearling)
    • Brown
    • Gray

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    A warm and comfortable winter, trapper cap, also know as bomber hat made of high quality genuine shearling leather. It has a belt with a buckle on earflaps. Shearling leather is a very skin friendly, natural and warm material, that's why it's a perfect choice for severe winter conditions.

    Aviator cap it's a great choice for cabrio or motorcycle drivers and for everyday use as a comfy and practical headgear. This model recalls The First World War fighter pilots.

    High quality handmade craftsmanship from Poland.

    The winter hat is a basic item

    When it's cold and snowing, a winter hat is a must. Although not everyone likes to wear headgear, in winter we use it out of pure necessity - not to get sick or frostbite our ears. Must a winter hat be a dull necessity? Or could it be a good excuse to create an interesting winter look? The fashion industry goes through

    Aviator cap perfect for winter

    Like every year, winter is approaching fast - so it's worth taking care not only to change your wardrobe, but also to complete the accessories, which will keep us warm and comfortable during colder days. One of these is a cap, preferably made of high-quality, breathable material.

    What materials are the best hats made of?

    Linen, wool or maybe genuine leather? When choosing accessories, many people are unaware of the huge role that materials play. It is the same for hats and caps, the durability of which depends largely on the fabrics they are made from. Below we present you the most popular materials

    How do I choose a hat to suit my face shape?

    It can be quite a problem to find the perfect cap - today's clothing market offers its customers many original models that differ not only in cut, but also in colour and type of material. There are several criteria to consider when going shopping, and it's also a good idea to choose a cap that suits the shape of your face.

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