Cotton leather visor vintage motorcycle cap rockabilly punk style biker chopper cruiser Marlon Brando
  • Cotton leather visor vintage motorcycle cap rockabilly punk style biker chopper cruiser Marlon Brando
  • Cotton leather visor vintage motorcycle cap rockabilly punk style biker chopper cruiser Marlon Brando
  • Cotton leather visor vintage motorcycle cap rockabilly punk style biker chopper cruiser Marlon Brando
  • Cotton leather visor vintage motorcycle cap rockabilly punk style biker chopper cruiser Marlon Brando
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Vintage Biker Cap

Product description

  • Cap style: Vintage Motorcycle
  • Details: leather peak 5.5cm len., decorative cord, ventilation eyelets
  • Lining: viscose
  • Sweatband: leather
  • Fabric: 100% softened cotton (emerized) / leather

A vintage, Harley style, motorcycle hat made of 100% softened cotton (emerized) and genuine leather. Pure cotton fabric and small ventilation eyelets on the sides make this headgear a very breathable and lightweight one. Above the leather visor there is a decorative double cord, attached with 2 decorative buttons.

The inner side of visor is covered with cotton fabric. Inside the crown there is a viscose lining and a leather sweatband.

This model is inspired by retro motorcycle headgears, Harley style caps.

A good choice not only for driving a cruiser motorbike, but also for everyday use, during warm autumn and spring days. Available in big xxl and xxxl sizes. Good old world craftsmanship from Poland.

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Product: New | Warranty: 24 months | Worldwide Delivery 9$
By on  23 Sept. 2021 (Harley) :

Harley Hat (Olive Green)

I found this hat advertised on my Facebook feed. I generally do not purchase anything from Facebook but my interest was peaked when I saw that they were hand-made in Poland. I saw the hat on Amazon as well but I took a chance and ordered it directly from Sterkowski. The payment was secure and I was notified that my order was placed. I received a personal message from Sterkowski that my hat was being prepared for shipment. Within 2 weeks, my hat arrived with no issues. The hat was carefully packaged and protected so that it did not get damaged during the shipment. The hat had an addition protective layer to keep it dry during the delivery. The hat was custom fit and was spot on with the dimensions stated on their sizing chart. The stitching and materials are of high quality and I expect this hat to last a lifetime with proper care. Once I accepted the delivery, Sterkowski contacted me to ensure everything was satisfactory. This is a great company and I will look for more purchases in the near future. I received several compliments and friends and family have also ordered from Sterkowski. Rest assured, this is a great hat maker and is not a cheap hat made in China. Hats off to Sterkowski for their awesome hats.

By on  30 May 2021 (Harley) :

Lovely Hat

well made and finished, great value too, same as all Sterkowski,s hats. great quality and service...

By on  15 Apr. 2021 (Harley) :

Exceptional Quality

I can't stop holding these hats in my hands. They're incredibly well made. What's great about these caps, Harleys, is that they're very casual and nonchalant. They're not so military styled compared to some other models if that's not what you're looking for (I think it should, get yourself some of those, too). Like I've mentioned in other reviews, it's crucial to patronize businesses such these; businesses that care so much about the quality of their products.

One more thing, these caps are guaranteed to turn heads. I get so many looks on the streets.

Pair these with a leather jacket, tucked in henley t-shirt (maybe a collared one), chinos or jeans, and some leather or suede boots. Be sure to told the cap to the side. You'll like like 6 million bucks. You'll also look very nice to pair these with a cardigan sweater, collared shirt, tie or bow tie, slacks or chinos, and dress shoes. If that's too formal for you, wear these with a tucked in t-shirt (maybe a henley), jeans or chinos, and a pair of suede or leather boots. Again, tilt the cap to the side. Follow these style tips and you'll be the coolest one in the room!

By on  27 Feb. 2021 (Harley) :

The real deal.

Love this cap! Sizing is perfect. Shipping was fast. Great hat. Want more.

By on  23 Dec. 2020 (Harley) :

Harley cap

Great cap made with love and tenderness . Can't give less than 5 stars!!!

By on  01 Oct. 2020 (Harley) :

Gray Harley

This is my 5th hat from Sterkowski and just like the other four this Harley is amazing! I bought the gray one and the fit and finish is perfect. Sterkowski is my favorite hat company. I am always impressed with every new purchase!

By on  23 June 2020 (Harley) :

Great Cap, Outstanding Company

There aren't many things in life that are better than anticipated, but this Harley cap is one of them.
First, the design is perfect. Sterkowski put much effort in to capturing an authentic classic style. The overall shape is wonderful, and the cloth drapes just right everywhere on the cap.
Second, the materials are first-rate. The soft, high-quality cotton seems like it will be durable, and the peak is a very nice leather.
Lastly, Sterkowski's talented staff are precise and produce a cap to be admired.

By on  20 Apr. 2020 (Harley) :

Nice hat but

I ordered this hat a while ago and revived it without any issues. It’s a nice hat and exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately the sizing on this particular hat was WAY off. I ended up sendI got it back, which from the US is pretty expensive.

As luck would have it the whole COVID19 thing kicked off and I’m not sure what happened to the return.

Bottom line is if the sizing was better I wouldn’t have had to return it and it wouldn’t have gotten lost in the mail.

By on  01 March 2020 (Harley) :

The hat I had been looking for!

I've always liked this style of hats and some months ago I came across this website. There's no need to say that this Harley model immediately caught my eye! Finally, I ordered it for Christmas, but for some personal reasons I wasn't able to get it in my hands until yesterday. I had been worried because, as you know, sometimes what you buy on the internet is not what you really expected, but not with this. I can say that this hat is identical to what I saw on this page. It feels like a good quality hat and it is really what I wanted. I may upload a review of it on youtube, so people can have a closer view on these products :)

By on  14 Feb. 2020 (Harley) :

Captain Dave

I just received my Harley retro hat and it is very cool. Workmanship is OUTSTANDING. I HAVE PASSED YOUR SITE ONTO A FEW OTHER Harley guys and when they see my hat, they will have no choice but to order one.

By on  02 Jan. 2020 (Harley) :

Harley hat in tan is fantastic

The quality of the hat, the stitching , the leather is outstanding,Looks amazing,
Fit is great very comfortable.
Very happy with the hat.

By on  05 Dec. 2017 (Harley) :


Super cool

By on  04 Dec. 2017 (Harley) :

A great hat

This is a fine hat, especially for the price. My only criticism is that it runs bigger than the other size 59 hats that I have bought from Sterkowski. The others that I have fit perfectly, but this one, despite being the same size to the centimeter, runs large on my head. But either way, this company makes some wonderful goods!