Western hats

Cowboy hat

A cowboy hat is an extremely characteristic clothing item, which probably everyone knows. Lovers of this style certainly dream of rushing through the prairie or around an Indian settlement... It doesn't take much to make this dream come true. Just stock up on the right accessories and stimulate your imagination.

Cowboy hat now and then

Of course, this hat is associated with a North American cowboy gear. We all probably know the image of a stereotypical cowboy from famous western movies. It is currently a popular clothing item worn in almost every corner of the world, particularly among ranch workers, rodeo participants in the United States and western Canada, and country singers in northern Mexico. What function did the cowboy hat perform? Obviously, it protected against the sun on hot days and rain in the autumn and winter. Nowadays, it is also a practical clothing item, but it also expresses the style and character of every western lover. Nowadays, the cowboy hat is not much different from the old days' original. Only some shape modifications can be seen. It can be made of natural leather or wool felt, which ensures convenience and comfort of use.

How to wear a cowboy hat?

A real cowboy hat has a higher head and a wide brim. Most consist of the same elements, i.e. a rigid head, a brim and ornaments around the base of the head. A typical cowboy hat has a double crown and stiffened sides, slightly bent towards the center of the hat. The hats may differ in the proportions of individual elements, such as the crown and the brim. The models come in many sizes, which allows everyone to match a cowboy hat to their head. Whereas the brim can be easily shaped according to one's individual needs.
Cowboy hat has become an extremely popular item of men's clothing. It is combined with a casual everyday outfit, but you don't have to limit yourself! The cowboy hat perfectly matches the casual style in the form of a shirt, sports jacket or elegant leather jacket.
A cowboy hat as an unconventional clothing item appeared at fashion shows of world brands. It is designed not only for men, but also for confident women who are in love with the country style. It fits perfectly with floral dresses, denim and leather jackets, plaid shirts and cowboy boots. In fact, everyone can create their unique style with a cowboy hat in a modern edition.

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