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Patriot - retro style kepi cap made with leather. Mens baseball caps Patriot - retro style kepi cap made with leather. Mens baseball caps 2
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Patriot - LEATHER

Buffalo - mens caps baseball made of leather, historical confederate Buffalo - mens caps baseball made of leather, historical confederate 2
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Buffalo - LEATHER

Nowadays more and more people are interested in the history of the last century. There are various kinds of reenactment groups that bring together lovers of old times. Their followers meticulously recreate individual elements of the clothing of insurgents, legionaries, or confederates. An important element of historical costumes is undoubtedly replica caps, which allow emphasis on the character of a given costume. We pride ourselves on an almost century-old tradition, which is why you will also find unique replica caps made with the utmost care. They are often worn by those involved in historical reenactments but are also increasingly popular with men who want to stand out with original headwear. You can wear them not only during historical reenactments but also on a daily basis. This will emphasize your unique style.

Replica caps of Polish soldiers

If you are looking for original headgear, pay attention to the replica caps available in our offer. Many of them can be worn with contemporary fashion to create original styles. The best example is the maciejowka cap. It's a classic cap that was popularly worn first by peasants and later also by workers in 19th-century Poland. The simple cut made it a very comfortable cap, protecting from the sun or wind. An additional advantage was that it was a relatively cheap cap. This is why it was also readily used by soldiers during the First World War. It quickly became an obligatory part of the uniform and later the symbol of Brigade I of the Polish Legions. In the 1960s, replicas of the classic maciejowka cap appeared. Not only men but also women all over the world have fallen in love with them. Since then, maciejowka caps in various styles have continued to appear on our streets. We offer exact replicas of such caps reproduced with attention to the smallest details If you want to emphasize its historical origins, you can choose a model with an eagle, which is easily detachable, if necessary.

The beret, a cap for the brave

The originality of headwear often causes many people to refrain from wearing them for fear of being called ridiculous. One such cap is the beret, which we associate with older ladies in mohair berets. It is worth noting, however, that this is a cap that has many styles, including men's. Stylish berets were worn, for example, by the French Resistance and also by Polish paratroopers. Among the replica caps available in our offer, you will find berets inspired by the ones worn by the soldiers of

1st (Polish) Independent Parachute Brigade under the command of Major General Stanisław Sosabowski. They are hand sewn from woolen cloth in grey, red, or navy blue. The quilted cotton lining and natural wool together make it very comfortable and breathable. If you purchase a beret, you will receive an eagle emblem to assemble on your own. By opting for a replica cap such as a military beret, you get a cap that can be worn in many different ways. Find out how you will look in it.

Timeless leather caps

Among our replica caps, you will also find leather caps, reminiscent of Confederate caps from the Civil War era. It is a classic model valued mainly for its ergonomic shape. The cap fits great, and the elongated padded peak provides excellent protection from the sun. The quilted lining makes it suitable for wearing even on colder days. A decorative belt with a fastener adds original chic. A slightly different, but equally comfortable replica, is a leather cap inspired by the soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army, known also thanks to the fact that they were worn by the literary hero – soldier Švejk. The distinctive features of this cap are a pointed crown shape and two decorative buttons at the front.

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