We have been producing various types of caps for nearly a century. We have headwear for men and women, for every season and every occasion. Top quality is our main asset. We use only natural materials such as wool, wool tweed, cotton, and natural leather. As a result, our cap collections delight generations of customers at home and abroad. Our offer is for everyone – we make a wide range of sizes, so you can be absolutely sure that the style you choose will fit you perfectly. This is not mass production, so when you choose a model from our cap collection, you don't have to worry about spotting an identical one on the street. Our caps are for fashion connoisseurs who like to stand out from the crowd.

Choose a brand with tradition

Most of the designs in our cap collections are inspired by the 1940s and 1950s. However, this does not mean that we shy away from the latest fashion. We just tend to go back to the classic models from the days when a cap was worn not only as protection against the cold but was just a regular item of clothing. Our brand originates from a small family workshop where everything was handmade. Throughout the years we have managed to maintain the highest quality of our products. We employ skilled cap makers and tailors who make our cap collections unique and appreciated in many countries. Our brand is distinguished by the high quality of the materials from which we have been making our hats and caps for years, as well as our excellent craftsmanship. Our products will add an original chic touch to any of your outfits.

Caps in our collection

The Peaky Blinders, Genesis and nautical caps are among the most popular collections. The collection of increasing interest are also replica military caps. When designing caps from the above collections, we draw on historical sources. Some of the delineators we use are originals that we have had for many years. We even have delineators dating back to before the Second World War. Therefore, we can guarantee that Sterkowski cap collections are faithful representations of classic designs.

Individually tailored caps

Our cap collections are a successful combination of tradition and modernity. Classic models made of the highest quality materials are available in many fashionable colors. So, for example, you can buy navy caps not only in the colors associated with sailing but also in pink or light green. That's why our hats are equally popular with men and women. Caps from our collections allow you to create unique styles for every day and other important occasions. If you appreciate good craftsmanship, you will love our products. Our hats are sewn in accordance with the principles of anatomy, so they fit perfectly to the shape of the owner's head. Take a look at our cap collections and you're sure to find models that will stay with you for longer.