How to take care of your headgear properly?

How to take care of your headgear properly?

The well-tended headgear is clean, has a nice shape and looks good. When investing in a hat or cap made of natural raw materials, make a list of rules covering storage, care and the wearing of a headgear. This will allow you to enjoy your hat or cap for a long time.

Right storage

Storing a felt hat in a cardboard box is a good way to protect against dust and moisture. After a whole day of wearing your hat, you should clean it with a special brush and store it. Felt absorbs all the aromas perfectly. So make sure you keep your headgear away from sources of smells. You can also put in a cardboard box together with a scented sachet or a cotton pad soaked in your favourite perfume. The best place to store your hat will be on the top shelf in your closet or wardrobe. Wondering where to put your cap? Clothing made of natural wool is exposed to moths. For this reason, it used to be stored with naphthalene balls. If you want to protect it against a specific aroma, you can put your hat and other clothes in a vacuum bag. This way, a package filled with winter clothes takes up little space. Accessories such as winter hats, gloves and scarves can also be kept in a closed plastic container. Remember to clean your hat and cap thoroughly once the season is over.

Thorough cleaning and renovation

Thanks to daily care and regular refreshing of the hat, once the season is over you won’t have much to do to renovate it. Remove any stains from your hat with a mild home detergent and then wash it by hand in lukewarm water combined with a mild wool detergent. Dust removal with a brush or a lint roller is the best way to clean your hat. After a few years of wearing, your headgear may need to be renovated. In a professional workshop it should not take much time to repair minor damage or conceal the abrasion of the felt. Knitted headgear usually pills when it rubs against clothes or when washed. Shaving the hat regularly – removing the lint balls – helps to keep it looking nice. If there is a hole in the knitwear, you can either give the hat to an artistic mending center or mend it yourself – with a fashionable patch. Headgear can also be damaged during daily wear. What should you watch out for?

Wearing – putting on and taking off your headgear

Removing and putting on a cap or a hat is a simple matter. The problems start later – it is difficult to decide where to put away the hat or how to hold it. Many men decide to push a rolled-up hat into the pocket of a jacket or coat. In this way, they not only weaken the yarn, but they also unnecessarily stretch the pocket.

A much better option would be to put away your knitted headgear in the sleeve of your coat, or a sheepskin coat, if you take off your outer garment. While walking around the shopping mall, you can put away your hat in your briefcase, shopping bag or hold it in your hand. Remember, if someone sits on your hat, it will never go back to its shape – so put your hat in a secure place. In a restaurant, hang it on the rack. You can also put your hat on the window sill, an unoccupied chair where nobody will sit down for sure, or on the table – according to the rules of savoir-vivre, it is not a tactless thing to keep your hat on the table during a meal. A well-kept headgear looks good. Every day use the basic principles of storage, care and wearing a cap or a hat. This will allow you to enjoy an elegant headgear for many years to come.

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