How to effectively clean your hat?

How to effectively clean your hat?

A hat made of high quality woolen yarn works well in winter. It warms the head and wicks away moisture. Remember to wash the hat you wear daily at least twice a season – mid-season and after the season. What are the most effective ways to clean a woolen hat?

How to refresh your hat?

After the woolen hat has been worn a few times, it may need to be refreshed. But you don’t have to wash it right away. Turn it inside out and fasten it to the clothes hanger using underwear clips. Then hang it in the bathroom for the whole night. The steam that fills the room during bathing will effectively refresh the hat. You will achieve the same effect if you hang your headgear on the balcony or in a half-open window. You can also gently spray the hat with mist – a mixture of lukewarm water and essential oil. Choose lavender or tea tree oil, which smells good and has a bactericidal effect.

Washing woolen hats

You should wash your hat at least twice a season. For this purpose, use a special, gentle wool detergent. Pour lukewarm water into a bowl – it can’t be too hot – and soak the hat. Don’t

rub it or wring it too much. Gently soak and knead the hat. Then rinse it thoroughly under the stream of lukewarm water. Keep it under the tap until you flush out all the soap. Place the wet and clean hat on a fluffy towel and squeeze off excess water. Now you’ll need a

mould to keep the hat in shape. You can use a ball or a balloon. If you do not have these, use a small kitchen pot. The hat will also dry when you spread it flat. Clip its edges to the towel with pins. Try to gently pull the knitwear so it doesn’t get deformed. Do the same if the hat has got wet in the rain – wash it and secure it as it dries so that it does not change shape.

Homemade ways to get rid of persistent stains

The hat you wear every day is exposed to stains. What are the homemade ways of removing perspiration stains or other types of dirt? Formerly a commonly used stain remover was ammonia. If you are not sure how to use it, you can try vinegar. Pouring it over stains is a good solution if the marks on the hat are fresh. Do you have to remove a dry stain? Try to soak it off. Then you can use soap for stains, grey soap or a mixture of soda and oxidised water. Remember, if you use soap, do not rub it into wool! Soap flakes will work better. You can prepare them yourself if you grate the soap on a vegetable grater. Apply the resulting flakes to the stain and pour a small stream of water. Knead the material gently until the foam forms. A solution of water, soda and hydrogen peroxide (1:1:1 ratio) will act as a natural stain remover. Be careful with its use, however, if the material is dark. After the stain has been removed, wash the hat thoroughly.

When the hat pills in the wash

After washing, you can see that the wool has become wrinkly and small balls have formed on the surface of the hat. How to get rid of them? Use an electric clothes shaver or disposable razor. Gently remove the pill-like balls, but be careful not to press the shaver too hard – you could damage the material and make a hole! Regular shaving and getting rid of pills forms part of taking care of accessories and clothing made of natural wool. The best look is a clean and neat hat. Remember to refresh and wash your hat regularly. If the fabric becomes degraded during wear or cleaning, remove unaesthetic pill-like balls. If you regularly perform all the care treatments with the right gentleness, the natural woolen hat will remain in perfect condition for many years.

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