Match the headwear to your needs

Match the headwear to your needs

Hats and caps are timeless elements of every wardrobe. Fashion often goes back to original patterns, bringing them a refreshed look. Retro/vintage styles are still popular. Old-school hats are the favorite ones of American rappers. The huge selection of hats offers endless possibilities for customizing your outfit, but can also make you feel lost with various styles, materials, and colors. So, how to choose the best hat for yourself? If you plan to buy headwear, consider a few things, such as the appropriate style, color, and finishing. However, the key is finding the perfectly fitted size. With the right size, the hat will fit your head comfortably, ensuring the best experience during everyday use. So, how to determine the correct hat size? And what role does the material play? What else should you pay attention to while shopping? Here, you will find several tips to help you choose the ideal headwear.

The headwear and market trends.

The market offers customers many original designs inspired both by street style and those reminiscent of retro/vintage trends. Online shoppers can choose from products in various colors, patterns, and styles – from rock-style cycling caps to stylized

caps like the „newsboy” and visor caps for both women and men. The latter has gained immense popularity across different age groups due to its comfort, practicality, and versatility. Visor caps are irreplaceable during hot summers and colder seasons. You can wear it in many ways. Some of them look fantastic not only in casual outfits but also in more elegant ensembles.

The perfect hat size – how to make accurate measurements?

Often, the numbers indicating hat sizes may not give information to customers. However, the numbers used by the hat producers should help rather than complicate choosing the right hat or cap. The two-digit number means the head circumference. How to make the correct measurements? The first detail is to use an appropriate measuring tool. A tailor’s tape measure works best for this purpose. If you don’t have any tailor’s tape, simply use a regular piece of string. Measure the head circumference approximately 1.5 centimeters above the ears and the eyebrow, ensuring the tape comfortably encircles the widest part of the back of your head. Pay attention to keeping the tailor’s tape neither too tight nor too loose. Read the measurement on the tape. If you use the string you can lay it flat next to a ruler to read the length. The result will indicate your hat size (for example, if your measurement is 58 centimeters, the hat size corresponding to it will be labeled as 58). If your measurement is between two sizes, we suggest choosing the larger size (for example, if your measurement is 56.5 centimeters, the appropriate hat size would

be the one labeled as 57). If you plan to buy a hat covering your ears, follow a similar procedure, but this time, ensure that the tape also goes over the ears.

What else do you consider when choosing a hat?

The perfect fit of headwear is not only about the size. Before making a choice, it’s also important to consider other aspects. One of the most significant details of any hat is the material its made of. Headwear sewn from lightweight and breathable fabrics is ideal for summer. Those made from warmer and thicker materials are better for colder seasons. Linen and cotton in bright color variants work well for hot days. In winter, wool – known for its excellent thermal properties, and fleece is a better choice. When you choose a hat, also pay attention to its finishing – a well-made hat will serve you for more than just one season.

Hat style vs. face shape

Once you know how to choose the hat size that fits you and which material works for different seasons, the final element in picking the right hat is selecting a style that complements your face shape. Go for a model that you like and feel good about. Your feelings about it matter the most because you must feel comfortable in your chosen headwear. Fashion trends for the current season can be helpful guidelines, but treat them as mere suggestions rather than strict rules.

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