How to wear cap and not ruin your hair

How to wear cap and not ruin your hair

A woman’s hair is her true decoration, but only when it is neat, shiny and healthy. Your diet is not insignificant. When you give your body the nutrients it needs, it will affect the condition of your hair. The condition of the hair very often signals a developing disease. Get tested regularly, make sure you check your thyroid hormone levels. A quick reaction to an emerging disease is necessary to stop it or beat it completely. Your hair will return the favour by being shiny, bouncy and with an overall healthy look.

Basics of a good hairstyle

The basis of a good hairstyle is trimming it properly. You need a good hair care routine. Washed with a good shampoo and nourished, they won’t cause any problems. Remember that 10% of hair is made of water. It is not advisable to use moisturising conditioners on rainy days, as hair with extra moisture and exposed to humid weather will become frizzy and look bad. It is recommended to use regenerating conditioners on rainy days. Moisturising conditioners are perfect for hot days when your hair is exposed to the sun and UV rays. Under these conditions, hair quickly loses moisture, becomes less elastic, gets dry and prone to damage. Drying your hair with a hairdryer is also not unimportant. Do not blow dry with too hot a stream, as this opens

up the hair scales and makes it more porous. Hair likes cooler water and not too high temprature setting on your hairdryer. If you have long hair, rub oil into the ends to protect them from splitting. Never wear a cap on damp or wet hair. The cap should be worn on properly dried hair. You can use a light hairspray to keep it in place. A properly styled hair will not change its shape under a cap. The

quality of the fabric, from which the cap is made, is not insignificant. Your hair will not be able to breathe under a cap made from synthetic materials, your scalp will get sweaty and all the work you’ve put it styling your hair will be in vain. Pick a cap made from natural fabrics such as linen, cotton or lightweight wool. Hair will not pick up static. They’ll remain fresh and shiny. You can leave long hair loose or braided, tied in a ponytail low enough so that it doesn’t deform the cap. You can also tie some hair on the top of your head. When you take off the cap, let your hair down to create trendy waves. If you have a short haircut, let a few strands of hair out from under your cap. Make sure you pick your cap size carefully. Poorly fitted one will put pressure on your head and hair or slide on your head. Well-fitted spring or summer cap will ensure high comfort of wearing. Our guide gives you tips on how to measure your head circumference and assess your size. A cap will protect your hair from the scorching sun, gusty winds that break your hair, pull it and cause damage. On rainy days, the cap will protect your hair from getting wet. A cap itself cannot ruin your hair. What can damage it, is inadequate preparation, poor hair care routine.

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