Can a biker dress fashionably?

Can a biker dress fashionably?

Fans of motorcycling, automotive enthusiasts and anyone who is familiar with the subject of fashion will no doubt be familiar with the distinctive headgear worn by riders of motorbikes virtually since their earliest days. We can see them in old films, pre-war photographs and also in pictures of our grandparents and uncles who rode motorbikes, often wearing this essential and specific headgear. These are, of course, biker caps.

From cap to helmet

Before there were the now popular helmets, which no self-respecting motorbike rider can do without, the first motorbike fans wore distinctive, often leather caps on their heads. The sight of them, even when that driver was moving down the street without his vehicle, immediately evoked typical associations. The first such proposals for sewing headgear in the form of leather motorbike caps appeared as early as the 1880s. The need for special headgear was prompted by the high number of motorbike accidents. More and more victims were being taken to hospital with broken limbs that could be treated, but it was the head injuries that were the most serious. There were thousands of fatalities. Then, the first head protections began to be created,

which in time became an icon and symbol of motorbike riders. Because what’s wrong with making the headwear both safe and fashionable? The caps were sewn from leather and were characterised by great durability, resistance to stretching and mechanical trauma such as heavy friction, so it can be concluded that the very first attempts to introduce a new fashion for car enthusiasts were met with great enthusiasm, as the caps not only saved bikers’ lives, but simply looked great!

Motorbike cap – your choice for your bike!

Today, anyone with a motorbike in their garage should stock up on such a gadget. It is certain to become their favourite and integral part of their automotive wardrobe. We now have a wide range of caps on the market specifically tailored to the needs of every motorbike fan. Wool cloth hats with a leather MOTO visor, Brando baseball caps, cotton caps, cowboy hats, the leather, cotton or suede „Harley caps”, popular in the west, which takes its name from the famous Harley. The latter have become so firmly established in the fashion canon that today every Harley owner simply has to have one on their head. The choice is wide, the prices affordable, the hats and headgear are tailored to different types of motorbikes, to scooters, old-generation motorbikes and newer ones. Thus, you can boldly choose and play with the fashion! It must not be forgotten that accidents on motorbikes happen quite often, so it is important to take extra care on every ride, avoid bravado, don’t take unnecessary risks, and stock up on solid quality protectors and good headgear. Head protection is a must!

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