Preserve the quality for years to come: how to store and care for hats

Preserve the quality for years to come: how to store and care for hats

Hats are beautiful headgear, but much of their appearance depends on how they are stored. Proper care will ensure that a hat maintains its shape for years and remains a decoration, not an accessory that blemishes us. Let’s read about it!

Taking care of your hat – enjoy your beautiful headgear for many years

You’ve always dreamed of buying a hat that would remain in pristine condition for many years, but you’re not sure how to store it? Today you’ll learn about effective and, most importantly, proven ways to store hats, so you can be sure you’re doing it the right way. Buying a hat, especially of a reliable brand like Sterkowski, is a great investment, and your headwear will be in great shape for a long time if you just follow the tips below.

How to store your hats? Choose a wall hook

One of the basic ways to store hats is simply to use a wall hook. Not only will it save you a lot of space in, for example, your wardrobe, but it will also give you free access to your headgear.

This is a good solution especially if your hat collection is quite extensive. Moreover, hanging hats will also be a kind of decorative

element of the entire interior. In the case of wall hangers, you should certainly remember to place them away from the source of sunlight, as hats exposed to sunrays may lose their colour. Also, this method works best for smaller hats, alternatively for flat caps or knit caps. When it comes to the right hanger to hang your favourite hat on, choose the one without sharp or pointed ends so you don’t deform your hat or damage it by puncturing it.

How to care for your hat? Try boxes and organisers

If you don’t wear your hats very often or like to keep them out of sight, a good way to maintain your hats is to put them in organisers or boxes. You can conveniently store them in your wardrobe, walk-in closet or even under your bed. The most important thing is that the hat doesn’t touch the wall or isn’t squeezed into the wardrobe or onto a shelf, as this will deform it. Also, don’t leave the hat not covered by anything, as it will very quickly become covered in dust. In case of some materials, a layer of dust may even cause irreversible damage to your hat. Keep this in mind!

Box – a great way to store your hat

One of the best ways to care for your hat is to use a box designed for storing hats. A properly selected box will protect the product from damage, destruction or dust. This method works wonders for both smaller and really large hats. Special boxes can be made of thick cardboard, a piece of cloth or even leather. They have a round shape and are usually quite large. Some of them can store more than one hat, which is convenient and saves space in the wardrobe or walk-in closet. In addition, they often have a string for easy carrying. Now you know how to store your hats, so it’s time to make your dream of buying the perfect hat come true. Good luck!

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