How do I choose a hat to suit my face shape?

How do I choose a hat to suit my face shape?

It can be quite a problem to find the perfect cap – today’s clothing market offers its customers many original models that differ not only in cut, but also in colour and type of material. There are several criteria to consider when going shopping, and it’s also a good idea to choose a cap that suits the shape of your face. But how do we know what shape our face is? Which models will work in specific circumstances? Find answers to these questions in the article!

What to start with?

Going to the shop and measuring hats has probably left you unhappy with your choice more than once. A common problem is choosing headwear based on personal taste, forgetting that not every hat suits every face. The first step before going shopping is to determine your face shape. How can you do that? It’s easy! There are 5 most common face types – oval, round, oblong, square and triangular. You can quickly determine your face shape by taking a popular selfie – but remember to pull your hair back into a ponytail or bun and take off your glasses if you wear them every day. Now you need a marker to outline your face. You can now determine the proportions of your face. Now it’s time to find a hat to match!

Oval face

Is your face oval-shaped and fairly symmetrical? That’s good news, as it means that almost all headwear styles go with it – from woollen beanies and trapper hats to flat caps and even Fedora and Trilby style hats. Classic berets and cheeky hats worn on the side are also a good match for an oval face. All this enables you to choose different types of headwear and create the most imaginative outfits. In a word – everything will suit you!

Round face

What is characteristic of an oval face? Its most characteristic features include a full chin and prominent cheeks. The best choice in this case are hats that optically elongate and slenderise your head, such as classic berets, especially when worn backwards, and small brimmed hats (Trilby or Fedora) that expose your forehead. You can also opt for a flat cap, but make sure you don’t pull it too tight over your forehead, as this will only accentuate your fuller curves.

Oblong face (rectangular)

Is a long, narrow face with a high forehead your face type? If so, you should especially take care to shorten it optically and conceal the high forehead. To do this, opt for cuts that fit well over the forehead, such as ushankas and aviators, which will visibly improve the proportions of your face and help conceal an excessively large forehead. You can also wear berets and wide brimmed hats, making sure the brim of the hat runs about halfway down your forehead. We also recommend not wearing narrow berets or anything with a raised visor.

Square face

Another face type is the square face, characterised by a wide forehead and jawline – if you have a square face you should aim to optically slim and „round” your facial lines. A square face will look good in a beanie, beret or big-brimmed hat – choose oversized hats and avoid those that fit tightly on your head. The fabric of the hat also plays an important role – thick, chunky materials such as wool will not only optically „round” the face but also make it look smaller.

Triangular face

The most characteristic features of a triangular face are a wide forehead, well defined cheekbones and a narrow, petite chin.  The perfect hat should balance out the overly broad forehead with the rest of the face which is visibly narrower. To minimise this imbalance, opt for tight-fitting models such as ushankas, baseball caps or flat caps – a great idea would be also a maciejówka. Avoid wide-brimmed hats and caps that reveal your forehead.

Be sure to choose the right size too!

You know what shape your face is – and you’ve discovered the hat models that fit it perfectly. Before you go shopping, there is one more important detail to consider, which is the right size – a hat that is too big or too tight can also disrupt the proportions of your face. To check your size you need a tailor’s tape measure – if you don’t have one, a simple string will be enough. Now the most important thing – measure the circumference of your head at 1.5 centimetres above the ears and above the eyebrow line. The received value is your size. It’s easy!

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