Legion Maciejowka Polish cap historical replica made, baseball cap
    Legion Maciejowka Polish cap historical replica made, baseball cap
    Legion Maciejowka Polish cap historical replica made, baseball cap
    Legion Maciejowka Polish cap historical replica made, baseball cap


    • Premium product - precisely crafted from the highest quality materials with attention to detail.
    • Polish Craftsmanship - each cap is meticulously crafted by a single artisan using traditional hand-stitching techniques.
    • Comfort and style - the cap's design, with historical references to the headgear worn by Legion shooters, adds a unique touch
    • Functionality and versatility - a useful accessory that complements various styles and withstands all weather conditions.
    • The art of traditional craftsmanship - the method of creation gives the hat the magic of an item with a soul.

    • Material: highest quality natural leather/finest Ambasador wool
    • Navy blue
    • Black

    Made to order, ready in 45 business days

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    The Legion Maciejówka cap is a story of passion, tradition, and exceptional craftsmanship passed down through generations. Handcrafted from the finest quality leather and highest quality Ambasador wool, it guarantees unparalleled comfort. Every stitch and detail has been refined with extraordinary precision to ensure durability and a unique look. The hat is hand-sewn in Poland. From the cutting of the leather to the sewing to the addition of decorative details to the final quality control before shipping, the hat is crafted by the same artisan - a master hatmaker. Its creation process makes it synonymous with the art of traditional craftsmanship.

    The Legion Maciejówka cap is inspired by the historical headgear worn by Legion shooters. Made from the finest materials for durability and comfort, it features a cotton lining and sweatband for comfortable contact with the scalp. Its classic, elegant appearance is sure to catch the eye. Made of leather and the finest Ambasador wool, the Legion Maciejówka cap is perfect for those who value classic looks and elegance with a historical flair.

    The maciejowka cap is an elegant accessory to a Parisian-style outfit

    The maciejówka cap has a very long and rich history. However, to this day it is still uncertain where its name comes from. Nowadays, in its modern version, it is an elegant and interesting accessory to women's Parisian style. What are the origins of the cap and how to wear it to look fashionable?

    In search of male elegance - about a hatter in a few words

    Caps and hats for men are now fashionable and generally available. Just go to the nearest shopping center and visit one of the popular chain stores. However, more and more men are finding out that the quality and logo on the label do not always go hand in hand.

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