Wool dock worker beanie cap stevedore longshoreman cloth sailor trawler military Leon winter sock toque skully seaman hunter men
  • Wool dock worker beanie cap stevedore longshoreman cloth sailor trawler military Leon winter sock toque skully seaman hunter men
  • Wool dock worker beanie cap stevedore longshoreman cloth sailor trawler military Leon winter sock toque skully seaman hunter men
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Wool dock worker beanie cap stevedore longshoreman cloth sailor trawler military Leon winter sock toque skully seaman hunter mens hat

Product description

  • Cap style: Docker / Beanie
  • Details: cut above ears, trimmed seams, breathable, warm
  • Sweatband: cotton
  • Fabric: woolen cloth

Simple and practical docker cap. Its cut is above ears. A cap in a very similar style to the one from the movie ''Léon: the professional''.

What is special about this docker beanie cap? Its fabric. It is a very rare thing to find such a cap made of the woolen cloth (baize).

This model of warm longshoreman hat will protect you from cold and wind, on the rough sea and on the waterfront, during colder seasons.

Woolen cloth guarantees excellent wearing comfort - it is warm, breathable and skin friendly. This gray docker cap is available in big xxl and xxxl sizes. Precise handmade craftsmanship from Sterkowski family-run manufacture.

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Product: New | Warranty: 24 months | Worldwide Delivery 9$
By on  16 Oct. 2021 (Docker) :


Outstanding product from this company

By on  21 Sept. 2021 (Docker) :

The cap I've been looking for

I've been searching for a beanie-style cap for about four years. I found some nice variations, but none of them quite hit the mark: some had faddish proportions or materials, some had imprecise s/m/l sizing, and many had a button on top (which is great! but not for me.) The Sterkowski beanie fits beautifully, and the materials are sturdy but wear so naturally that the hat looks and feels like "mine" as soon as I put it on. I wanted to have one of these beanies handy for any season, so I got one in cotton and one in wool. So satisfied, and looking forward to getting more of their beautifully crafted hats!

By on  14 Sept. 2021 (Docker) :

The Best

I absolutely love this hat! Top notch quality, perfect fit and professional service. And it looks good too! :-) What more could you ask for!

By on  28 March 2021 (Docker) :


Docker, de qualité. Parfaitement ajusté à mon tour de tête. 58.5 cm j'ai pris du 59 et c'est parfait.
La coupe et le tissu me conviennent parfaitement.
Je suis fan j'ai acheté plusieurs en différentes matières ou coloris.

By on  29 Jan. 2021 (Docker) :

A hat with many faces: The Docker

I have had the navy docker for just one season now, and what can I say: it is my go to hat! It is very stylish, and is the perfect weight for most of my cooler Winter/Fall days. One of the greatest things about the hat is its versatility--I can wear it with a pea coat or the like, or even just a hoodie for a more casual look. I will most certainly be adding to my collection with the various colours that are available. I have several hats now from Sterkowski and all of them are made to a very high standard for the price--well worth it.

Thank you Sterkowski for a fantastic hat.

By on  06 Jan. 2021 (Docker) :

New Loyal Customer!

I've had this cap for a few months, and it's now my favorite. Comfortable and warm. Well-crafted and durable. Fits perfectly (follow Sterkowski's measurement guide). Ordering, shipping, and delivery were exemplary. Goes great with a peacoat. Highly recommend Sterkowski—I'm confident they'll be your go-to for headware as they're now mine!

By on  27 Apr. 2020 (Docker) :

What a great cap!

Very fast and reliable shipping. Well worth the cost. A great hat made from excellent material and great craftsmanship. Looks great. Keeps the head warm in style. Not your everyday cap. You will be noticed and receive compliments!

By on  04 Dec. 2019 (Docker) :



By on  05 Dec. 2017 (Docker) :


It is worn every day by the recipient, who loves it dearly. Thanks for the prompt service.

By on  06 Nov. 2017 (Docker) :



By on  26 Sept. 2017 (Docker) :

Happy customer

Thanks for quickly delivery and very good quality.

By on  05 Sept. 2017 (Docker) :

Happy customer!

Well finished, quality material, fast delivery, keeping my head warm :)

By on  10 Aug. 2017 (Docker) :

Docker Leon Beanie caps

Very good quality. Fast shipping all the way to Canada with no paperwork hassles - please keep using Canada Post (it's cheap and I don't have to be at home for delivery).

By on  04 July 2016 (Docker) :

Most complemented cap, very well made

I bought this cap from E bay and now I can avoid the middleman, but they are great advertising. The moment I saw this I knew I had to have it. It reminded me of the caps working men wore, when I was growing up near NYC in the 60s and 70s. Now that I am old and bald, and have a big round head, when I saw this cap with it's Old World craftsmanship I had to have it. I do not work out in the cold - I sit at a desk typing on a computer all day, in freezing cold air conditioning. Mom was right, keeping your head warm keeps your whole body warm. And I get to look cool, and just this morning, the receptionist at my doctor's office said "that's a REALLY nice cap, it suits you." What better compliment than that? Not only is it cool, but I look good in it.

By on  17 Aug. 2015 (Docker) :

Love this cap

great fit, shape, style,etc etc.