Hat Stretcher

Adjustable wood hat stretcher big size hats and caps xxxl up to 65cm

Hat Stretcher


Is a cap, beret or hat an indispensible element of your style? Do you value traditional craftsmanship and passion for creating high quality, original headwear? This means that our offer has been created just for you. In addition to tasteful modern hats and headwear reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s, we also offer a hat stretcher, which will allow you to store your hats in the best possible way. Thanks to this they will serve you for many years. Check out our offer.

What can a hat stretcher be used for?

If you are a true collector of headwear of all kinds, your collection should include at least a few hat stretchers. With them you can preserve the aesthetic and functional qualities of the products for many years. The proposed hat stretchers for storing hats, berets and caps are made of natural wood, which means they will serve you for many years. The hat stretchers are universal. This means that headwear in sizes 55 to 65 cm can be stored using them, so they fit women's, men's and schoolchildren's hats alike. The two ends of the hat stretcher can be regulated using metal screws, which is how you can adjust the size. So how do you use the tool? Choose the headwear you want to store. Then, insert the stretcher into the crown and slowly increase the size by undoing the screw. This is a very simple and practical tool that is sure to win you over. The hat stretchers are signed with our brand logo.

The Sterkowski brand - tradition and modernity in one

We are a family-run studio with traditions and passion, the kind of which are hard to find these days. The company's history spans nearly 100 years. In 1926, it was founded by Anna Sterkowska, who was looking for a way to support her family after the death of her husband. At the time, she never imagined that the company would become so successful both in the country and abroad. Our caps, hats, berets and hat stretchers are very popular, especially in Germany, Great Britain and the United States. It is worth mentioning that at the moment, in the family studio, headwear is being created with passion and committment by the fourth generation. Close attention is paid to the quality of both workmanship and the materials used. We are convinced that your first purchase in our store will not be your last.