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Traditional cap with essentially mid-east European origin. It came to Poland in XIXth century from todays Germany. First considered as peasants headwear it became very popular when Pilsudski's Legions chose Maciejowka hats as standard uniform headwear. In mid-war period and after II World War Maciejowka cap was worn by former Legions veterans and patriotic members of society as a tribute to Legions and their Independence deed.

Although Maciejówka is essentially a Polish cap and strictly bound to Polish history and its dramatic moments, it is very simmiliar or even same to patterns that are called in other ways in another places of the world. This caps are known as fiddler caps or fisherman caps.

In our offer you will also find replicas of Pilsudski's Polish Legions Caps.

Cap is made with skin friendly materials: lining is made with viscose to keep good breathability, sweatband is made with split leather.

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Maciejówka Cap Twine - navy blue


  • Cap style: Fiddler / Maciejówka
  • Details: with twine and blued buttons
  • Lining: viscose
  • Sweatband: split leather
  • Fabric: woolen cloth
  • Color: navy blue

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